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Q 30


Imagine cruising silently on a motor boat that can reach some actual speed.  

We believe this can be achieved by combining a state-of-the-art electric propulsion system with a deep understanding of hydrodynamics.
Add to that a sleek design focused on improving user experience, along with new service models for maintenance.  

The end-result is a monumental change in the maritime industry, a boat concept that brings back style to motor boating.


From the start, our aim has been to shift the design focus from a product-centred approach to a more user-friendly, experience-based approach. With the silent electric propulsion motor, the Q-Yacht vessel makes motor boating feel like sailing, while the hydrodynamics of the hull design allows for more speed.

CE Kategori C
LOA 9,3 m
Bredde 2,2 m
Motor OceanvoltAXC20 electric motor with 20kW continuous power
Deplasement 1500 kg
Drivstoffkapasitet Oceanvolt30kWh lithium battery pack (optional 60kWh)

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